Warwick Community Playschool

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Contact the playschool on 01933 279266 or warwickplayschool@warwickprimary.net

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​​​ADHD and Special Education Needs Support

​Beginning in October, we will be offering a group for families with children who have ADHD and other Special Educational Needs.  This group will be facilitated with the support of ADHD Matters.  We will be bringing in professionals to talk about what matters to you as well as offering a safe place to come and talk to other families.

This course will only run if there are enough people booked onto it.

The Community Association

We are really lucky to have community groups running on site in our Butterfly Room.  The time table for this half term are below. If you have any ideas for groups or would like to rent our room to run a group, then send us a message on our contact us page.  These groups are for anyone to attend, not just children who attend the Warwick Learning Community.

We currently offer the below groups:

Group Work Timetable

The Association works with the playschool to offer the group work timetable below.  Please go to our contact us page to book places on a course.  Courses run from 9-11am or 1-3pm.  We welcome suggestions for groups.  Our timetables run on a termly basis.

Baby Massage

Trudie from BabyZen runs baby massage and baby yoga on a Tuesday and a Friday.

The courses that Trudie has run so far have been very popular so be sure to book with her in advance through her facebook page.

Baby massage groups are for children aged 6 weeks (after their boosters) to when they begin to move independently.

​​Childminders Group

We are developing a childminders group with Northamptonshire Childminding Association.  We want to offer a space for childminders to meet and network and for their children to play.