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Warwick Community Playschool

Contact the playschool on 01933 279266 or office@warwickplayschool.co.uk

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​​​​Secure a Place on our Waiting List

If you like us and would like to save a place on our waiting list, please read the below terms and then complete the form.

I would like to place my child on Warwick Community Playschool’s waiting list.  I understand that playschool will contact me when a place is available for my child.  I understand that these places will be decided upon the order of the waiting list, the locality to the playschool and if my child has any siblings within the setting. 

Please keep the playschool informed of any change of contact details so that we can reach you when a place becomes available.

There is no guarantee of a place with us until it has been confirmed by a member of management.  A show round does not mean we have space available.  We recommend joining our waiting list and having a look around as we fil up very quickly!