Our Ladybird staff team have been specially chosen for their personal skills and attributes as well as their qualifications.  Our team have worked very hard to create the Ladybird learning space.  This includes:

  • A covered garden
  • Access to the larger garden
  • Sensory room
  • Art and Messy room 
  • Home 'corner'
  • Snack area
  • Floor space for different forms of play
  • Computer
  • Child height toilets and nappy changing area


Our Ladybird children can start in here at two years old.  We try and match our groups so that they will move through their learning journey together as we are a term time only setting.  All of our Ladybirds that are ready for their preschool year will leave the Ladybirds in July and come back in September as a Sunflower.

The Ladybird room is able to support children who are eligible for the Two Year Funding.  To check your eligibility, click here or speak to Jo, our manager who will try her best to help.  The playschool will need to see evidence of your eligible funding code as well as proof of address and your child's birth certificate.  We also have places for children who are fee paying.  Our current rate for a place is £13.50 per 3 hour session or £30.50 per full day and is reviewed annually.  We can also offer lunch at a subsidised cost of £2.50 per meal.

Our policy sets out a settling in routine that is very gradual so that the children build their trust in the staff and the setting.  This is also just as important for family members, which is why we ask you to stay for a few sessions and build up the time your child is left gradually.  We ask that children do a minimum of 2 sessions to help with their routine and attachments with the staff and children.

Contact the playschool on 01933 279266 or warwickplayschool@hotmail.co.uk

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