Warwick Community Playschool

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Contact the playschool on 01933 279266 or office@warwickplayschool.co.uk

Food and Drink

At Warwick Community Playschool we offer lunches with the support of Kingswood Catering.  

The committee have decided to subsidise the lunch offer, if you are interested please speak to Jo about prices and availability.

For families who wish to provide their own lunches, please see out guidance leaflet.

We plan our snack menus, supporting the children to prepare their snack and giving the children opportunities to cook.  We aim to offer a portion of fruit or vegetables for every snack.  We also offer another choice of food such as fromage frais, cereals or toast.  There is water on offer at all times and milk is available for snack.

Carol also spends some time with us, baking very yummy cakes!

Karen is currently working on our allotment to be able to offer a range of home grown fruit and vegetables for the children to try.